Dr. Philip Branton
, Chairman of the CAP (College of American Pathologists — the main professional association of specialists in the field of Pathological Anatomy in the United States of America) Committee on Pathological Anatomy and Histological Technique.



Dr. Jean Klos
, member of the Nordic core group and expert of the quality control organization. Dr. Joan Klos is the Chief Consultant and Head of the Immunohistochemical Department of Pathological Anatomy Faculty at the University Clinic in Stavanger, Norway.



Wiliam DeSalvo BS HTL(ASCP)

William De Salvo
is the chairman of the Quality Management Committee of the National Association of Histotechnicians of the USA, an international specialist in the management of the pathology department according to the Lean Six Sigma system. William has extensive experience in developing and implementing the process of continuously improving the efficiency of the pathology department by reducing errors, improving quality and increasing laboratory productivity.