Guido Massri, MD. In 1975 graduated from the Medical School of the Catholic University in Rome with a specialization in medicine and surgery, and then at the same institution he received specializations in pathology and dermatology.



He improved his knowledge in prestigious medical schools around the world, studied a wide range of dermatological diseases together with professors of major scientific departments:

  • Dermapathology — New York University Medical Center (USA), Professor A. Bernard Ackerman
  • Mesenchymal skin tumors — University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Professor L. Kindbloom
  • Dermapathology – University of Vienna (Austria), Professor Klaus Konrad
  • Dermapathology – University of Liege (Belgium), Professor J. Pierard
  • Pigmented nevi and melanoma — University of San Francisco (USA), Professor P. Leboit
  • Dermapathology – University of Madrid (Spain), Professor L. Requena
  • Pigmented nevi and melanoma — University of Graz (Austria), Professor H. Curl

Since 1999 Guido Massi has been an associate professor of Pathology and Dermatopathology at the Catholic University in Rome. He also heads the Laboratory of Surgical Pathology (specializing mainly in dermatopathology) at the Complesso Integrato Columbus and the Department of Dermatopathology at the diagnostic laboratory “Laboratorio Inghirami” in Rome.

Dr. Massey participates in a number of international seminars and symposiums, is an honorary lecturer in dermatology for pathologists and clinicians, is the author of several international courses on dermatology.